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"Simba ~ Great Maned Lion of the Moyowosi"
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

The Moyowosi Game Reserve in 1992 was quite possibly the best hunting block in Tanzania for trophy lion. In that year conditions were perfect. Long grass that was usually found in the hunting areas had all been burned with the first fires. The heavy rains usually due in March, had not come at all. And except for scattered pools of water hidden deep within the Moyowosi floodplain, the entire region was dry as dust. The great buffalo herds had no choice but to cross miles of open ground and drink from these trecherous water sources. It was easy pickings for lions and hunters alike.

Simba, the Swahili word for lion, evokes all kinds of emotions. But nothing can prepare the first time you actually see one. The sight of a great old male lion is unforgetable. Yet hearing one roar leaves an even deeper impression. In this movie you will see four great maned lion taken on film right before your eyes. The furthest shot is 38 yards away. The closest; a mere 28 yards!

My son Shawn and I were out chasing a flock of guinea fowl with scatterguns when we suddenly realized we were not alone. Directly ahead was a big male lion not 40 yards away. We retreated back to the truck, switched our shotguns for rifles and returned to track the lion to his resting place. From atop a termite mound, a distance of only 28 yards, Shawn killed his first lion.

There are three more exciting lion hunts all beautifully filmed and edited. For those who love lion hunting as much as I do, Simba is a must for your hunting library.

Running time: 40 mins.
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