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"Death At My Feet"
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"Death At My Feet"
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

I consider "Death At My Feet" one of my greatest hunting achievements. By any measure, this movie and "Death Rush" are the two greatest kill or be killed, blood-on-the-shoes hunting movies ever made... or that ever will be made!

Never in the history of African hunting has a professional hunter so willingly walked up to wounded Cape buffalo and rogue bull hippo under these extremely dangerous conditions. Only by placing myself in this "death zone" of the personal space of hippo and buffalo, am I able to practice my personal philosophy on hunting dangerous game. My unique manner and method of hunting is different from all other PHs and this movie proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt, once and for all. Period!

Using my much trusted and beloved .600 Nitro Express double rifle and its 900 grain bullets, "Death At My Feet" features two extraordinary buffalo charges and one incredible rogue bull hippo charge with all three beasts dropping dead at my feet. It is without question the absolute best kill or be killed footage ever recorded.

I want you to watch Russell LaFave's buffalo bull absorb six shots from the massive .500 Jeffery and let me know what you would do if it was your job to stop him. Would you have played it safe and shot him from a safe distance or would you have walked up and let the enraged beast charge?

There are six other heart-pounding hunts including what many say was the largest tusked elephant taken that year in Tanzania. Expertly filmed, "Death At My Feet" is played out on some of Africa's finest hunting grounds.

In my opinion, "Death At My Feet" and "Death Rush" are the two best hunting films ever made. Highest broadcast quality, Superbly edited. Own yours today!

Running time: 75 mins.
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