Mark Sullivan - Professional Hunter

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Mark Sullivan - Professional Hunter

So you ask, "Why am I doing this?" That's a valid question and it deserves a proper answer. Well, I'm getting old and just like the dugga boys I hunt and the rogue bull hippo I track down and kill I'm looking to do other things.

For example, in addition to Tanzania I now offer Cape buffalo hunts in South Africa for just $12,500. Now that's affordable. And in my opinion this is the finest buffalo hunt for the money in all of Africa. Look for details of this hunt somewhere on my website. You'll be amazed at what you get for your money!

Then this year (2017) I applied for and got my apprentice guide license in Alaska where I am now guiding for brown bear and moose. This is a real kick-in-the-pants and if you're one of those guys who needs one of these critters then give me a call. The hunting is fabulous and you know I'll give you 100% of everything I've got.

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